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Dana | Gabe

Together they form a boy band called IM5




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I made this ringtone a while ago… anyway… its a song Will wrote about how he hates parties cause he doesn’t have friends. I know that feel bro.

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You probably hear this a lot, but honestly, words cannot describe how much I admire you. I never thought someone like you could exist, but you do. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. x - just a girl 

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Happy 17th 18th birthday Dalton Rapattoni

so since I can’t use photoshop anymore can i just bring back my birthday edit from last year?

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Happy 18th Birthday Dalton Louis Rapattoni! Wishing all the best!

love your australian 5ers

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Happy Birthday Dalton! You’re 18 dude, which means you’re legal to do everything in my country ;) (well, not quite everything but yeah) haha but on a serious note. Thank you for everything you’ve done & for just being you. You’re an incredible human being & you deserve to have an amazing day! I hope you get spoiled rotten and that your day is just as amazing as you are. I love you. :) Have a rad day.

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Wow they really fooled us! They did the touchdown dance in Hawaii and not all of us guessed 😭

Picture from Hawaii5ers twitter

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Happy birthday, Dalton! I don’t want to sound lame or anything but I’d be lying if I said you and the rest of IM5 didn’t make a huge impact on my life. I’ll never forget the time you followed me and then unfollowed like a month later rude. Anyways, I hope all of your birthday wishes come true and once again, happy birthday, pal.

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